We are on the first steps to fully accessible medical cannabis

I think the saddest thing about the laws surrounding cannabis within the UK, is not the amount of people who are persecuted and criminalised for recreational use or dealing they have  a choice at least to a certain degree to use or not use cannabis, minus maybe the people who deal to sustain there livelihood, no the saddest thing is it stops Innocent people getting the treatment they need.

There has been some big movement over the last couple of days with the government changing its position on the use of cannabis derived medicines and allowing it be prescribed by specialist doctors but only in “exceptional clinical need” quoted from Sajid Javid our home sectary.

So this is still only the first steps into getting cannabis fully medically available in all forms so it can reach more people and  can be used as a general treatment for a great deal of  things not just in “exceptional” cases but this is still  wonderful news knowing now that a few more people will have their quality of life improved.

Cannabidiol(CBD) can be used to help a lot of things but here are some   specific examples, in a a long term research project on the safety and treatment effects of CBD in children and adults with treatment resistant Epilepsie, they tested 607 people of whom 24% dropped out and starting with dosages of 25-50mg of CBD per day. They found that the median monthly convulsive seizures reduced by 51% and total seizures by reduced by 48% at 12 weeks , overall 11% saw 100% reduction in there convulsive seizure and 31% saw 75% reduction, 52% saw a 50% reduction.

CBD has also been shown to reduce the pain associated with various neropathic pains in rodents giving it wide therapeutic uses, trials  have also reported a reduction in the severity of symptoms associated with spasticity within multiple sclerosis, however treatments  were with THC and CBD combined but this helped the patients to function more easily t through out there day.


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quoted  publications from research gate.

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