Nature in a Jar

Straight from the hive

all of our CBD Honey is made using raw ethical honey, no tampering no messing and certainly no sugar syrup

Into The Jar

Our Honey is unpasteurized and only loosely filtered the way nature intended, all we do is infuse the CBD


Every jar of CBD Honey that we sell get us one step closer on our goal of increasing the local biodiversity in our area and it allows us to continue sharing information and supporting Bee campaigns


Every jar sold also helps us continue showing people a different side to cannabis and allows us to continue campaigning for full legalization of cannabis.
  • accessibility

CBD Honey allows you to consume CBD in whatever way suits you, pop it in your morning coffee, stir it into yogurt or even roast carrots with it. With CBD Honey you can look forward to your daily CBD intake making it a treat and not a chore

  • Double the goodness

With CBD Honey you do not just get the therapeutic effects of CBD  you also get the health benefits of raw ethical honey. Raw  honey contains many important antioxidants, it has antibacterial properties and it can even help lower cholesterol

  • Taste

One of our main reasons for combining CBD with raw honey was the taste, CBD and hemp oil on it’s own is quite a bitter and strong flavour which most people do not like but when you infuse it into honey the sweetness of the honey and the bitterness of the hemp balance each other out creating a unique delectable taste 

Need something stronger?

we can custom make any CBD Honey to contain the amount of CBD that you are looking for, contact us @

Want CBD Honey in your shop or cafe?

We offer wholesale in all of our products, follow the link below for more info