Increasing the amount of nectar rich land and flowers is crucial to the pollinators survival.

Introducing honey bees into a local ecosystem without the nectar to support the increase in demand, has been seen to hurt ECO systems by killing off other pollinators within urban areas and one can assume it could still have an effect in more rural areas but to a lesser degree.

With wild flower and flora rich areas in decline across the country, increasing pollinator population sustainability depends on us focusing on the environment first. Just for an example an average honey bee hive will collect 25 pounds of honey a season and per pound of honey collected it takes 2 million flowers visited, that means the average hive is using 50 million flowers a year.

But sadly wild flower and these pollinator friendly areas are in decline, since 1930s we have lost 97% of meadow, 7.5 million acres of wild flower habit gone and the floral richness of verges has decline by nearly 20% since the 1990s. Is it any wonder the pollinators of been in decline across the country.

So adding honey bees and other pollinators into our local ecosystem without balancing out the amount of food supply they will all have could potentially be very dangerous to our local area and another unneeded set back for saving our pollinators. With the amount of interest in saving the bees and in bee keeping its self this needs to matched with an increase in pollinator friendly areas.

For example a UK country survey from 2007 detailed the areas that were must rich in nectar across a a year for pollinators number one being Calcareous grassland, two broad leaf woodlands and third natural grass lands. So an increase in these types of land where we could would be a great start, and per plant across the uk the highest nectar producer per area and year was one , Marsh thistle (Cirsium palustre) two, Grey willow (Salix cinerea.) and three Common knapweed (Centaurea nigra.).

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