How you can help the bees.

How you can help the bees.

As everyone already knows the bee population is in decline in the UK and pollinators are at threat from many angles, pesticides of which the battle is still ongoing even though progress has been made, diseases, other insects and the lack of large amounts of forage and bee friendly land to name just a few. However there are many things each individual can do even just in there back garden, in this article I will cover some of those things.

1.Plant some of the bees favourite plants, as everyone knows honey bees make there honey from nectar and most honey bee will harvest off a wide variety of plants so planting some of there favourites in your garden give the bees in your area a little extra chance, every little flower helps and here is a few of the good ones, mint, squash, lavender, tomato, honey suckle , clover, blackberry, English thyme and if that’s not enough for you a little google search will reveal a good few more. Also most bees don’t hive in wax built homes like the honey bee and have homes in little tunnels and burrows in dead trees or leaf piles ect so build a small habitat for those bees.

2. Sponsor or support your local bee keepers old and new, a few bee-keepers and bee keeping organisation allow you to sponsor a hive of which is look after by the bee keepers usually getting a jar of honey or an update on how there bees are doing that is always a great way to improve the bee population in your local area. Another way to support your bee keeper is by offering land if you have it spare for the placement of bees or by finding some land suitable and bee keepers are always looking for good spots and they are hard to find, then of course buying local and raw honey.

3.Get in contact with you local MP or council, let them know you are concerned about the bee/pollinators in your area and ask them what there doing to help them and if you have time offering to volunteer in any biodiversity improvements projects and also share with them any ideas or ways you have found that can help the local pollinators.

4.Learn to Bee keep , get in contact with your local bee keepers or bee farmer organisation look to buy a hive or get some lessons and training if you have the spare time because if even 1 in 100 people got a hive there back garden this would greatly improve the bee population In the UK even if you don’t crop it.

5. Spread the word, share the information on saving the bees with your friends and family let them know what the cost of losing population would do to the world when we depend on them for one third of the worlds crops and show them how easy it is to help the bees a little bit by doing some of the talked about in this article.

thanks for reading,
save the bees,
free the plant

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