Green Pride a glimpse into the future UK cannabis industry

Green pride was a time warp, a jump into a future time maybe one year down the line, maybe three years but it is the future and it is coming whether the mainstream politicians like it or not. It was a future where budding and fresh entrepreneurship weren’t persecuted by this so called capitalist system, where people looking for cannabis advice of any kind medical or recreational found it, where patients could get full spectrum oils of almost any strength ,edibles and even CBD honey to help treat an array of ailments, A future where you could walk past a copper smoking a joint and not be stopped. It was a glorious thing and it will be magnificent when the rest of the UK catches up.    

There was easily above 45 different stalls most selling a range of Cannabinoid products the, economic  value of this event alone is argument enough for legislation. Then when you imagine what it could be country wide with a government supporting this developing industry you see its real power. According to the guardian the treasury could earn 3.5bn a year and that’s just a estimate, look what happened to the estimates in Colorado they were blown out of the water by the actual result’s, also just to show what you could do with that money according to the kings-fund the NHS will require an extra  8 billion a year by 2020/2021 legalizing cannabis is a good starting place to getting that funding hole plugged.

Not to mention the reductions we would see in the use of antidepressants of which the NHS spends 260m a year on , the reduction in the use of painkillers of which the NHS spends 440m per year on and that the NHS has over 14 million people with choric pain of which back pain is one which alone costs the NHS 12.3billion which could be helped with cannabis and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the things cannabis could save us money on,  and the most crazy thing about this, is you could help all these problems with something you can grow in your back garden. Madness.

But the economic value of this plant doesn’t stop there  the job creation potential is another avenue where cannabis can help people, the latest statistic from Colorado is over 10,000 plus jobs created  and with the UK being 0.48 times bigger you could image job creation being larger within the UK. Then theirs the time/money we would save our police force the Independent stated 1 million hours of police time is wasted enforcing cannabis prohibition in a single year with an average  cost of 2,256 per case with about 87,247 cases a year and with an average cost of 13.5 million a year detaining cannabis users and any of those people detained as well are having there economic value to the country striped away, overall the telegraph estimate the cost at 361 million a year  and someone remind me again why this plant is illegal?

Overall I think the state and laws are always set in the past some are still relevant  others are draconian an decrepit and need changing and as new generations rise it will be up to them to enlighten our system and update it and change it for the better but right now in the UK we have a elephant in the room that we need to talk about and its not Brexit its the full legalization of cannabis.


Save the bee

Free the plant .

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