Facebook and You tube removing/blocking Cannabis channels should be a warning to us all

In this modern day, if business are to keep up they must use these relatively new forms of advertising and selling and because of this business are almost forced to use these web pages due to there popularity, any business that is not using these new forms are at a massive disadvantage especially as more an more people look to the web for products and information daily.

However Facebook and Youtube has been cracking down on cannabis related pages/videos (even legal ones) and advertising citing the fact that they don’t wish to brake any laws and they don’t wish to offend any of there user, Facebook are okay with political party’s and countries flooding there website with propaganda and lies, to see this you only have to look at the last American election or brexit. So Facebook are okay with that but not okay with people promoting products that helps people improve the quality of their life and of now which are legal in most countries (CBD products )

Personally I think this is the start of a bad path these tech giants could go down If they start being the law and limiting the content on the internet based on there own moral compass (whatever that could be?) I think we start to risk the freedom of information on the internet, of which they are doing to other things not just cannabis, the latest being Alex Jones and info war.

However Alex Jones is an extremist I don’t share his views but I respect his right to share them (no matter what they are) and we do not want this guy and his followers going underground we want him right where everyone can see him on the Internet , this only promotes this echo chamber threat that the internet could succumb to and signals the start of something quite scary considering the internet is the main source of news for most people  .

So overall whether you agree or disagree with cannabis polices or what Alex Jones says does not matter, but if you care about freedom of speech or freedom of information (which always comes with someone being offended) you should let these tech giants know and defend any content they remove, as people are not stupid we should be able make our own minds up about whats good and bad and not having these tech companies deciding for us as the internet is the future.

Save the Bee,

Free the Plant

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