We are a small and ethically based business, set up by two good friends who wanted to find a lively hood where they could make a positive impact on the world. One of us is a Beekeeper and the other is a chef, it was a match made in heaven for achieving our vison of building a ethically based beekeeping/hemp product production business or as we call it Honey and Hemp. In our eyes Bees and hemp go hand in hand, they are both natural and they are both under attack, be it for different reasons there are still links. The bees by disease, pests and lack of natural habitat and hemp due to regulations and stigma. The link is that they are both key to the welfare of the planet, increasing Bee populations for pollination and the building of hemp alternatives for non-renewable products is one of the best ways we could help tackle the issues of global warming and fight back against bee decline and hemp misinformation. This is why we set up Honey and Hemp to help push back against the issues surrounding bees and hemp/cannabis, we are fighting these issues by increasing the biodiversity of our local area by setting up hives of which we hope to eventually extend to other area, by spreading information around the realities of hemp and its potential and how everyone can help save the bees and by producing hemp/honey products. We currently produce CBD infused with different types of Raw Honey, a CBD Chilli sauce and a CBD oil.

We hope to push (using our products) the campaigns around protecting the bee population which is essential  for human life as we know it and campaigns  surrounding  the legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use within the UK and how useful these two things can be in human life. Its a  win win in our minds, good for humans good for nature , linked below  are two campaigns of the sort mentioned , stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved and future campaigns.  


https://www.clear- uk.org

If you have any inquires or anything you wish to share with us get in contact below, we welcome any feedback from the public.

thanks, H&F Honey