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Welcome to Honey and Hemp, feel free to browse our CBD products, CBD Edibles, and Raw Honey, We here at Honey and Hemp produce a CBD infused Raw Honey within the UK, We look to help people with the health benefits of CBD and Raw Honey, giving you a double hit of nature that is earthy and sweet,
We here at Honey and hemp pride our-self on quality products that have a message, all of our products are ethically sourced,healthily and tasty, we produce a CBD Honey, CBD Chili Sauce, CBD Oil and a wide range of Raw and Pure Honey We also do Articles on bee news and how you can help and freeing the plant and CBD Honey Influenced recipes by our own Chef or just enjoy some of natures finest in slow-mo below, thanks H&F Honey.

Save the bees

Were going to put the bee back into beekeeping, here at Honey and Hemp we  are in the means of setting up  a ethical Bee centred beekeeping business, where we will put the lives and wellness of our bees before profit  and honey production. Too many beekeepers use there bees as a slave force just to make money this needs to stop. Pollinators are under massive threat and there numbers are declining worldwide and Honey and Hemp are going to do something about it, every CBD, raw honey or hemp product you buy from us goes towards increasing the biodiversity in our local area, allowing us to run our ethical bee hives and provide and share information about how everyone can help save the bees.

FREe the plant

The saddest thing about the laws surrounding cannabis within the UK, is not the amount of people who are persecuted and criminalised for recreational use or dealing they have a choice at least to a certain degree to use or not use cannabis, minus maybe the people who deal to sustain there livelihood, no the saddest thing is it stops Innocent people getting the treatment they need. There are countless people across the UK right now who’s  quality of life would be improved by medical cannabis, we at Honey and Hemp want to push back against these draconian laws and help get medical cannabis to those who need it while sharing truthful information about cannabis and how you can help  fight back.

CBD Infused Raw Honey

Our specialist product CBD Honey, combined two of natures greatest things hemp and honey.

Combining either 180MG, 360MG, 720MG of CBD infused into different types of raw and ethical honey, creating a super natural remedy for all of your needs,

The CBD bringing the dark earthiness and honey bringing that natural sweetness, CBD and Honey infuse to make a wonderfully unique product   that makes CBD an accessible treat, pop it in your hot drinks, salads or even roast your carrots with it!


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Great honey, has helped with seizures.
Gemma Smith
It really works ! I suffer from a severe underlying Mental Health illness and this CBD Honey really helps me with my Anxiety & Sleep problems. I take one teaspoonfull in the morning and at night. Thank you so very much !!
Martin Hogg