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Welcome to Honey and Hemp, feel free to browse our CBD products, Edibles, and Raw Honey, We here at Honey and Hemp produce a CBD Raw Honey within the UK, We look to help people with the health benefits of CBD and Raw Honey, giving you a double hit of nature.


Our products help save the bees by buying bee products you can support beekeepers and aspiring beekeepers knowing that any money spent on our products brings a little bit closer to our dream here at Honey and Hemp and that dream is to own our own hives and build up a fair an ethical beekeeping business with the idea of saving the bees at heart, not just looking at the bees to make money but viewing them as a vital part to our ecosystem  and to respect them and put the bees first instead of money


Our hope here at Honey and Hemp is not just to sell CBD but to help spread the word about what it can do and how it can help and find those people who do not know about the health potentials of CBD or wouldn’t normally see cannabis in a good way due the mainstream view  on cannabis, which is changing daily and we hope to help change it and get recreational and medical cannabis to everyone who needs and wants it by   spreading the information and the truth 

We also do Articles on bee news and how you can help and freeing the plant and CBD Honey Influenced recipes by our own Chef or just enjoy some of natures finest in slow-mo below, thanks

H&F Honey.

Sign the petition, save the bees

Sign the petition, Free the plant


Our CBD Honey was a way to make CBD more accessible to the majority of people  and make CBD a treat  and something you enjoy eating, which is super tasty,  rather than just using CBD in an OIL or wax 

We Combined the natural health benefits of raw Acacia or Mexican Honey with 360mg of CBD  in a 10oz jar, making it the finest CBD Edible around and produced in the UK by Honey and Hemp.